Hiring Smart – EB Games

A colleague of mine recently told me about her son who just landed a job with EB Games Canada. A nice entry level job into the gaming industry, congrats! She explained to me that during the interview, he was presented with several gaming related questions that he was able to answer with ease as he […]

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One of my courses this term is Training and Development. While reading a chapter in the textbook Managing Performance Through Training and Development, I came upon the term known as Gamification. The following is an excerpt from the textbook. (Saks, A. M., Haccoun, R. R., 2016. Managing Performance Through Training and Development 7e. Toronto: Nelson […]

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Post E3 Post…

Please excuse the cheesy title and lateness of this post. Now that E3 is over, and we all have had time to digest the many wonders, I would like to give my 2 cents on the event. I am going to start with the inner gamer in me and comment on my favorite conferences and […]

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Blog Schedule

Hi everyone, I apologize for the inactivity as of late. Last week was quite heavy school wise. The rest of the semester should be smooth sailing from now on. This weekend was also E3 and the gaming world has been buzzing. I was very impressed by Ubisoft. Very excited for their upcoming games. I’ll make a more […]

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