Post E3 Post…

Please excuse the cheesy title and lateness of this post.

Now that E3 is over, and we all have had time to digest the many wonders, I would like to give my 2 cents on the event. I am going to start with the inner gamer in me and comment on my favorite conferences and upcoming titles. After this I actually have some HR questions/thoughts to bring up.

The following is my opinion on best conferences from top to bottom. I really tried to leave my “fan bias” at home with this post. Remember this is largely my own opinion, I mean no disrespect to the companies or anyone reading. Brackets are brief descriptions on my reasoning.

  • Nintendo (brought the games everyone wanted, Metroid! Mario Mario Mario still got it, rabbids and odyssey look soooo good, short and sweet!, switch looking better and better)
  • Ubisoft (very impressive presentation! nice surprise, beyond good and evil 2 cinematic looks amazing, Mario Rabbids looks amazing, learned from mistakes from last year, personable factor)
  • Xbox (console looks good despite awful name, games showcase was numerous and interesting, black desert to console, PUBG to console, a little too long)
  • PC Gamer Show (quite boring, cheesy host, some cool games, cliffy b and lawbreakers looks amazing!!, WARGROOVE!)
  • Sony (stream audio problems, uncharted is bad, lots of stuff we have already seen, no wow factor, NO CROWD REACTIONS, I do appreciate the SOTC makeover, Spider-Man looks okay
  • Bethesda (VR VR VR zzzz…, the amusement park thing didn’t do it for me, Fallout and Skyrim again, pay for mods??, evil within looks cool)

So there you have it, if you want to discuss anything or want clarification, please comment.

Moving onto Human Resources content surrounding E3, there were a couple of points I wanted to address. First of all if anyone works for a game company that attends E3, I would love to hear your thoughts on how HR handles your company travelling to these events. Do they realise E3 is an extension of your workplace as you are representing your workplace and getting compensation for attending/working? How do these companies choose who gets to go, and who doesn’t? I am sure most people would want to attend. Do those that don’t attend get morale boosters back at home office? These are questions I am really curious about. I am hoping as I continue to blog, I will get a couple of readers that are in the gaming HR industry and can help me with such concepts. I have a reading week coming up and some light school weeks that I am going to focus on doing some more research on Human Resources in the gaming/geek culture industries.

Keep an eye out for posts in the near future. Thanks for reading!

~HR Gamer


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