Case Studies Update and Summer Events

Hi everyone,

I am still in the process of researching and completing some case studies on Human Resources in the gaming and internet culture industries. Thank you for your patience.

Summer is an excellent time for many different events in these industries including E3, RTX, SGDQ, Anime Expo, Fan Expo, and so on. SGDQ 2017 has been taking up my time recently. For those unfamiliar with it, SGDQ 2017 is gaming marathon for charity providing support for Doctors Without Border. It is more than just normal gaming as well. This event showcases speedrunning which has the objective of beating video games as fast as possible. It is a great way to enjoy new and old games in a different way. I highly suggest you take a look at the awesome work GamesDoneQuick is doing. They have 2 events annually and as of late have been raising well over 1 million dollars for charity each event.

As for the case studies, I have recently contacted The Yetee inquiring about their Human Resources. The Yetee is an awesome t-shirt company that sells geek culture t-shirts at a very affordable price. In a recent add there was a rubber chicken named HR. Is there a link to human resources? I really hope I get a response regarding this very important question.

I will also be attending Toronto Fan Expo 2017 at the end of August. The company that I want to do a Case Study for the most is Rooster Teeth. I have mentioned them in previous blog posts. Recently Fan Expo Canada announced that the voice cast of one of Rooster Teeth’s shows will be attending. As a huge fan of the show “RWBY”, I am beyond excited. This being said, I am going to take this opportunity to meet some of the employees of Rooster Teeth and ask them some Human Resources questions. Lindsay Jones and Barbara Dunkelman are big names at the company and I’m sure they could provide excellent answers to some questions I have. Can’t wait to share my experience with everyone.

I am going to finally buckle down and give this blog the focus it deserves. These concepts are so intriguing to me and being able share my passion with others is truly a gift.

Thanks for reading!

~HR Gamer


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