Post E3 Post…

Please excuse the cheesy title and lateness of this post. Now that E3 is over, and we all have had time to digest the many wonders, I would like to give my 2 cents on the event. I am going to start with the inner gamer in me and comment on my favorite conferences and […]

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Blog Schedule

Hi everyone, I apologize for the inactivity as of late. Last week was quite heavy school wise. The rest of the semester should be smooth sailing from now on. This weekend was also E3 and the gaming world has been buzzing. I was very impressed by Ubisoft. Very excited for their upcoming games. I’ll make a more […]

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Blog Etiquette

It has come to my attention that there is an HR Gamer blog on the website BlogSpot. Although there seems to be some slight similarities, the blog is in Spanish. They have made one English post that I could find and that was back in 2012. The content featured in that post seemed to be different […]

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The Idea

A couple of weeks ago, a guest speaker came to my Occupational Health and Safety class. My teacher was away on vacation and so she had asked Chris McBrien, a famous local podcaster, to give our class a talk about obtaining a professional edge. I am a post-graduate Human Resources Management student at Georgian College in Barrie Ontario, […]

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